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About the Mobility-Impact simulator


The Mobility-Impact simulator was developed by the Juvene foundation on behalf of the Swiss platform It was created in 2014-2015 as part of an information campaign which included a collaboration with the Swiss French television RTS to produce educational videos alongside the simulator.

Limitations of the calculated results

The goal of the Mobility-Impact software is to make the general public and especially the younger generation more aware of the many issues of our mobility. Contrary to many impact calculators available on Internet, Mobility-Impact is fun to use making it an entertaining way to rethink the sustainability of our transport modes. Even if conceived with great scientific accuracy, this tool doesnt pretend to compare with existing professional calculators. The results given by Mobility-Impact shouldnt be used for any professional proposes as they are based on many hypothesis and orders of magnitude. Therefore, results can sometimes differ significantly from real life.

For a more professional mobility calculator, one can use Mobitool, a common project of the swiss railways CFF, Swisscom, BKW FMB Energie SA and bu with the support of SuisseEnergie.

In Mobility-Impact, routes are based on data provided by Google-maps. This data can sometimes be deficient and lead to awkward trips. For instance it is not possible to pass the Chinese border by road while it is permitted to travel freely inside the country. As Google- maps is constantly evolving, the quality of information will certainly improve over time.

Concept and creation of the software (foundation Juvene